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  Bird eggs for hatching from Europe

Bird eggs for hatching from Europe Hello everyone, bird eggs available to hatch from France. we are downsizing our farm. if you are interested to hatch your chicks from day one, you can contact us for list of eggs available. you can get; - Yellow napped amazons - Double yellow headed amazons - Toco toucans - Keel billed toucans - Greater Indian hill mynahs - African greys - Hyacinth macaws - Blue & gold macaws - Scarlet macaws - Umbrella cockatoos - Moluccan cockatoos We ship across Europe,USA,Canada and Asia in incubator. Eggs in stock are fertile and come with hatching guarantee.you can reach me on Tel/Whatsapp: +33753367752 Email: d.liliya@mailfence.com serious buyer only.

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